Time to dream,… to himself… he waves goodbye, 
To himself… I’ll see you on the other side…

Mondays were made to fall
Lost on a road he knew by heart
It’s like a book he read in his sleep…

Sometimes he hid in his radio
Watching others pull into their homes
While he was drifting…

On a line of his own
Off the line, on the side
Bye the by, as dirt turned to sand…

As if moved by sleight of hand

"for me hair" i could totally hear your accent, christ on a bike

yeah that phrase is accent-heavy. haha christ on a bike is still going strong

can’t wait for me hair to get longer, have a serious haircut with wings going on lately.

Happy 33rd birthday Jenny Lee Lindberg!


Happy 33rd birthday to the gorgeous Jenny Lee Lindberg!

Dave Grohl performing at 12-12-12 The concert for Sandy relief.


I love Pearl Jam. They make me feel really happy and excited about life, more than anything else. I want to hug them and thank them for everything. 


Is there somewhere I can apply for a job in donut inspection??